1. Patient Discomfort


Because traditional surgery involves cutting away and suturing gum tissue, your surgeon will likely prescribe pain management medication. Conversely, LANAP® uses lasers to target only sick cells and causes significantly less stress in the area. Because it’s less invasive, most patients can avoid prescribed pain medications altogether.


2. Pocket and Recession Levels


When combating gum disease with traditional surgery, the surgeon must lower your gum line to access diseased areas and remove damaged gum tissue as necessary. Typically, the result is a gum line between 2 and 4 millimeters lower. In the most severe cases, the line may recede between 10 and 15 millimeters. The LANAP® technique is more precise with the areas it cuts away, leading to little if any recession. Note, recession can lead to aesthetic issues and temperature sensitivity in your teeth.


3. Length and Ease of Recovery


Following traditional gum surgery, you can expect the recovery period to last 2-4 weeks and it will be a few days before you can resume a normal routine. After your laser gum surgery in St. Augustine, FL, the recovery will feel immediate to you as you can resume your daily activities directly after the procedure. For the first few days, you may be asked to stick to softer foods and use a regular mouth rinse as your gum tissue heals.


4. Predictability of Results in the Long-Term


LANAP® is known to be more predictable in tissue attachment and bone regeneration. The lasers used stimulate the surfaces of the tooth root promoting ligament adhesion. In some cases, teeth that would’ve previously been pulled rejuvenate into functionality.


Traditional gum surgery may be needed for the most severe periodontal cases, but LANAP® is a viable alternative for most patients. Contact us at 855.425.8758 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Strout