Changes in hormone levels can significantly affect most parts of the body, including the gums and teeth. As far as hormonal periods in a woman’s life, menopause can be the one that affects oral health the most. Changes in the jaw bone are common for women experiencing menopause, and can ultimately result in serious gum disease if not treated early by a periodontist in St. Augustine, FL.

Changes in Bone Formation

As new bones are formatted and built, old bone cells are washed away in order to keep the area clean and in proper order. Unfortunately, during menopause, the process may not flow as smoothly, disrupting the formation of new bone cells.  Building new cells is known as remodeling and removing old bone cells is a process referred to as resorption. If there is an imbalance between the two processes, bone loss may occur, particularly in the jawbone, as both these processes move faster through this area.

Any type of pre-existing gum disease may make a woman more susceptible to this problem during menopause, as the balance shifts and gets out of control quickly. This leads to the destruction of bone tissue and gums during menopause. A bacterial infection may further weaken the bone structure and further compromise the health of the mouth.

Hormonal changes in a woman can greatly affect how the bones maintain themselves, how the body fights off infection, and ultimately how gum disease develops. Periodontal disease, otherwise known as gingivitis and gum disease, can mean more than missing or loose teeth. Left unchecked over time, this condition can lead to an entire change in the structure of the mouth.

Avoid Disease During Menopause

Proper care and hygiene are important to fight gum disease during menopause, and maintaining a healthy balance in the mouth is an essential part of that. A regular visit to a periodontist can ensure that your gum disease is in check, no matter what phase of life you are entering. Contact us at Dr. Strout’s office today to learn more about keeping your mouth healthy at 844-807-1954.