Plenty of people have gotten dental implants in St. Augustine, FL. They are an incredibly durable restoration that can completely restore your chewing and speaking capabilities. However, not everyone is a good candidate for this treatment. Sometimes in order for an implant to work, a bone graft needs to be carried out first. This can occasionally come as a shock to some patients, so here are a few signs that you may require bone grafting before getting your new dental implant.


1. Your Tooth Has Been Missing for a While

Some people choose to not replace a lost tooth right away. The reasoning can vary, but this course of action can lead to some unintended consequences. Your jawbone needs tooth roots in order to remain stimulated, so when one goes missing, that area of the bone starts to fade away. Your periodontist can examine the bone to see if grafting has become essential.


2. You Had Extreme Periodontal Disease in the Past

Gum disease is common among millions of Americans, but if you have a severe case of this disease, then it can lead to some problems. One of them is the deterioration of the jawbone. If you have struggled with gum disease in the past, inform your periodontist so examinations can be done.


3. You Had an Injury to the Jaw

If you have experienced trauma to the jaw or face before, then the bone may have been weakened. It may not be strong enough at the moment to support an implant.


Contact a Professional Periodontist

No matter what, our experts will examine your jaw in order to see if implants are even an option at all. If you are ready to restore your dental health, then you should contact Dr. Stephen Strout and the other professionals at Advanced Periodontics and Implant Surgery. The phone number for our St. Augustine office for new patients is 844-807-2880.