Winter break is fast approaching for many teenagers, and this might be the ideal time of year for parents to schedule dental appointments to remove their children’s wisdom teeth. It is preferable to get this done before the teeth come in and cause pain. This extraction is an extensive procedure that requires a recovery period, so winter break could be the perfect time to get it done.

Time Off School

Wisdom tooth extraction requires anesthesia, which can take up to a day for a person to recover from. Bleeding and swelling are additional symptoms, and while they are normal, they can make it so that a teen cannot focus on school work. Since winter breaks typically last several weeks, this can be an ideal time for teens to get their wisdom teeth removed and recover. Otherwise, a teen may need to miss up to a week of school.

Reduced Chances of Complications

During the recovery period, your periodontist will advise you to avoid physical activities. Teenagers involved with high school sports or even just a physical education class can seriously disrupt the healing process. Winter break is a great time for teens to simply stay at home, watch some television and recover from the surgery.

Improved Confidence

Many teens are concerned about their image in high school. While the bleeding may stop after a couple days, some patients retain a swollen appearance in the cheeks for some time after that. A teen may not want to show up in front of his or her peers with this look, so taking care of this procedure during the holidays saves your child some embarrassment.

An Essential Procedure Performed by Professionals

Contact our office in St. Augustine, FL and schedule your teen’s wisdom teeth extraction with Dr. Stephen Strout. Being proactive about your child’s oral health is one of the best presents you can provide this holiday season.