It is perfectly understandable to have dental anxiety. Whether you have general anxiety or just have had bad past experiences at the dentist, sedation while you have dental procedures performed may be just the thing to stop your dental anxiety in its tracks.

You may be able to get benefit from sedation if you dread or avoid the periodontist due to:

·         A low pain tolerance or the need to have a high level of dental work

·         Previous difficult dental care situations

·         An extended dental work session

·         Any type of moderate to high dental anxiety

Dr. Stephen Strout and his staff at Advanced Periodontics and Implant Surgery understand that many people are anxious about dental procedures and want to make sure that you are as at ease and comfortable as possible for your visit.

This is why Dr. Strout offers a variety of options for sedation at his office in St. Augustine, Fl to enable you to get the care that you need and deserve. One option is to take a small anti-anxiety pill orally. Dr. Strout and his staff will make sure you are situated comfortably and are completely relaxed before starting any procedures.

Nitrous oxide, an odorless gas administered through a small nose mask while you are comfortably seated in the treatment chair, is an often used relaxant in sedation dentistry. Another option that provides deeper sedation for high levels of anxiety or lengthy procedures is intervenous sedation. It can relax you during the whole procedure as Dr. Strout and his staff make sure that you stay properly sedated throughout the procedure.

You will need to have a friend or family member transport you home after your treatment so make sure to finalize those arrangements before arriving for your appointment. Sedation dentistry is a great way to enable you to get premiere periodontal care your mouth needs to stay healthy. Contact Dr. Strout’s office to find out more.